Industrial know-how

LACO can also supply parts for machine approvals, end of production runs, and perform repairs/regrinds.

Laco cam grinding
Cam grinding


Laco cam  milling
Cam milling


Laco cam profiles cheking
Cam profiles checking 


Wide Component Capacity

Manufacture of shafts from100 mm to 2100 mm long (single piece) and 4000 mm assembled.
Shafts up to 300 mm diameter can be machined.
It is possible to accommodate diameters over 300 mm (depending on profile).

On Request Material

Chilled cast iron
Hardenable cast iron
Induction hardening steel

Case hardening steel

Nitriding steel

Steel components are manufactured from bar stock or forging.

Standard and On Spec Material Treatments

Case Hardening
Induction Hardening
The operations are performed by our partners companies located in Saint-Etienne. According your specification, other treatments may be feasible.


Top Equipment :

Face and Centre Milling
CNC Lathes
CNC Machining Centres
CNC Cam Milling
CNC Bearing Grinding (CBN and conventional)
CNC Cam Grinding (CBN)
CNC Polishing
Magnetic Particle Inspection
CNC cam Profile Measuring Gauge.

Experienced Workforce :

salaris laco w

The key to the success of LACO is its highly skilled workforce. 90 % of whom have more than 12 years of experience. This experience enables LACO to be very flexible and to machine a variety of components apart from camshafts.

Research department at your service :

LACO studies your specifications to provide well considered responses to your enquiries.